Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How long does it take?

A.  Clients typically start seeing results in 45-60 days.  Since everyone's credit profile is unique, some profiles may take longer than others depending on the amount of negative information listed in the credit profile.  Your participation will play a major factor in how quickly we can help you achieve your goals.  It is imperative that you send us the updated credit reports and responses from creditors in a timely fashion.  This will help speed up your credit repair process.

Q.  Do you order my credit report?

A. NO! NO! NO!  Do not ever let a credit repair company pull your credit report for "free"!  They do not have a permissible purpose and it WILL count as an inquiry against you.  It will actually lower your credit score.  We will not pull or order your credit reports for you, beware of companies that will.  A company or individual must have a "permissible reason" to pull your credit report.  Some examples of permissible reasons are applying for a new line of credit, employment screening, or those who do back ground checks.  None of these apply to credit repair companies.  Instead we will help you obtain your credit report from a website where you can order an individiual or 3-in-1 credit report.  You will be able to instantly receive it online, and it will not count negatively against your credit score.

Q.  Is credit repair legal?

A.  YES!  Although the credit bureaus would like for you think otherwise, it is your legal right to dispute items on your credit report.  We legally remove your negative information by using the laws set by the federal government. 

Q. Can I repair my own credit profile?

A.  Yes.  However to effectively dispute incorrect information on your credit report, you need to know the credit repair laws.  Over the years, we have found that many people are more comfortable utilizing the experience of a professional service. Sucessfully repairing credit requires persistance, patience and experience.

Q.  How does credit repair help me?

A.  We have found that when we remove negative information, and clients use our system on how to maximize the best report possible, then their credit score will increase.  As the credit score increases, in most cases your interest rate decreases.  Here are some examples of how having a lower interest helps with those big purchases.....Look at the difference:

5 year loan on a  $18,000 Vehicle

Interest Rate Monthly PaymentTotal Paid 
 23% $507.43 $30,455.71
 8%                     $364.97 $2,1898.51
 Total Savings $142.46 $8,547.20

30 year Mortgage on $150,000 House

Interest Rate  Monthly Payment Total Paid  


 7% $899.93 $323,757.28
Total Savings $361.93 $130,302.99

Q.  Does paying off my old debts repair my credit?

A.  NO.  Old collections or charge-offs need to be handled very carefully.  When someone pays off an old debt it does not remove the negative item from your credit report.  Instead it is updated to be reported as PAID.  Paid is better than un-paid, however our goal is to remove the item entirely.

Q.  Are automated payments required?

A.  Absolutely.  In continuing  our efforts to provide our clients with the highest  and most effective service at the lowest possible cost, we have looked at all areas of our business.  We are able to provide our services at a lower cost to you, by automating the payment process.